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Auxin S4
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What is Auxin S4? Plants naturally grow towards sunlight when it is most available or most needed. The chemical responsible for this phototropism is named Auxin.

To help solar panels face the right direction we need Auxin S4. Auxin S4 is a solar system sizing spreadsheet. It allows you to calculate the best system size, tilt and orientation based on the time of the day a site uses electricity and how much that electricity costs. Ultimately, it allows you to design the most suitable solar system for you or your customer's investment needs. It consists of a simple Excel spreadsheet and a Word document. This means it is easy for you to rebrand with your business name, logo and colours. You can use it as a tool for sales proposals or to simply assist in engineering reports. Since it is so easy to modify the possibilities are endless. Originally priced at $8,000 to $12,000 per copy we now simply ask that you sign up to our mailing list and meet with us for 5 minutes each month to discuss your business needs. You may download Auxin S4 below by accepting our user agreement.

Solar Optimisation
Produce energy when its most needed.

Morning Sun and Dairy
Midday Sun and School
Evening Sun and House

If every person and organisation is unique then why should every solar design be the same?

Educate and Influence
Brand and modify your data-driven reports and proposals.

Solar System Size Optimisation Graph

Use dynamic graphs to educate your key stakeholders.

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