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When you invest in solar for your business you must ensure that your system is sized correctly. Anamise Pty Ltd are experts in ensuring you procure the most suitable solar system for your business's individual needs. The best way to determine the needs of your business is by analysing your electricity profile. Never install a commercial solar system without analysing your commercial load profile. Interval meter data is free and easily available from your network provider. Our services are also available to assist solar design and installation teams.

Access your load data.

Just follow the three simple steps below.

Step 1.

Bill Example

Locate the Account Name, Site Address and NMI number on your latest electricity bill.

Info! Your NMI is different to your account number, look carefully.

Step 2.

Meter Data Request Form

Download, complete and save the Electricity Meter Data Consent Form. Download Form

Step 3.

Email Example

Email the completed form AND your latest electricty bill to Alexander Robinson.

Email: alexander.robinson@anamise.com.au